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SurveyTouch research panel, a panel partner of CINT AB is an online paid survey website. The panel members who join in are invited to share their views on different topics that relate to them through email questionaires. In return of the time spent, we offer cash payments through PayPal and many other special sweepstakes, event passes, online vouchers and much more depending on the time spent by the member in completing the surveys.

All you got to do is register with us, complete your profile sections and get started. The more profiles completed; the more surveys in your inbox! And yes, its free!

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By being a part of the SurveyTouch panel, you get to share your opinions on various topics around you, not only that - you also get to be among the select group of influencers in the decision making processes of many products that you use and what's more interesting is that you get to earn for each moment spent on it.

Once you confirm your email address with us, we shall send you online survey questionaires as and when your profile details match our survey criteria - so keep your profile completed and updated in order to increase your earnings from maximum surveys in your inbox.

We currently have our presence in USA and India. We are constantly growing ourselves in to Australia, UK, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico.

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Meet our panellists:

Sara is a finance professional and a housewife. She has been active on SurveyTouch for a long time now.

Sara Green

Our surveys cater to every age group. As a Director in a global firm, Richard shares his views.

Richard Smith

Being a teen student, April gets time to take our surveys from home and earn for her family.

April Nelson

Sparing few minutes a day, John gets to learn and test different products through our surveys online.

John Johnson

Jessica has earned more than $175 through PayPal in the last 6 months by testing our products online.

Jessica Cox

Thom is an active investor or in layman terms, 'Money man', he shares with us his experience.

Thom Black